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Chris Milk           

“Virtual reality connects humans to other humans in a profound way that I've never seen before in any other form of media. And it can change people's perception of each other. And that's how I think virtual reality has the potential to actually change the world.”

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Churchill Fellow goes global to explore VR as tool for social good

Imagine hanging out in a rainforest with orang-utans without having to leave your lounge room. Then imagine how the impact of threats to their habitat may become more real to you as a result.

Creative technologist and design strategist Jessie Hughes wants to make this concept a reality. At the end of February she will embark on a three-month adventure investigating how virtual reality (VR) story-telling, among other emerging technologies, can be powerful tools for not-for-profit organisations.

“Emerging technologies are enabling new forms of human engagement; they are 21st century tools for increasing awareness to social issues, evoking empathy, and eliciting action,” said Hughes. 

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Download This Show: Marc Fennell with Jessie Hughes

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ABC Radio 612 interview with Jessie Hughes

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Winston Churchill Fellowship 2019

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and the Churchill Fellowships were established after Sir Winston Churchill’s death in 1965, allowing Fellows to become his living legacy and inspire extraordinary thinking.

Since its inception over 50 years ago, the Churchill Trust has supported more than 4,200 outstanding Australians in identifying projects where overseas research will allow them to bring home vital understanding.

“Being recognised as a Churchill Fellow is a celebration of curiosity, ordinary Australians with extraordinary abilities and aspirations. Churchill Fellows are up for a challenge, they are people who can foresee an opportunity, know how to address it and will use this experience to work with and learn from their international peers and some outstanding thought leaders.” - CEO Mr Adam Davey
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Australia

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Fellow Jessie Hughes

Jessie Hughes at Facebook Headquarters for VR for Good 2016

Jessie Hughes has been awarded the Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to travel across the United States and Germany to investigate best practices for virtual reality storytellying as a tool for social impact. 

Hughes is an established VR filmmaker and design strategist, with her works having exhibited most notably at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Tate Gallery of London, and Marche Du Film Festival De Cannes.

Hughes was among the first cohort of filmmakers to pioneer using VR for social impact under the mentorship of global industry leaders through Oculus’ VR for Good program. She has since dedicated her practice to exploring how creative technology can be used for social change. 

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Churchill Itinerary


If you are working in the field of creative technology, in social impact, in documentary or film, in VR/AR/MR, or anything in between, let’s grab a coffee.
We know technology has the power to change the world, so how do we do it best?

Toronto, ON
Feb 27 - Mar 7

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Meet with fundraising agencies and VR locations to analyse strategic solutions for non-profits and charities.
Austin, TX
Mar 7 - 18

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Attend SXSW Conference: Interactive Badge.
New York, NY
Mar 18 - 29

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Meet with NYC's leading not-for-profits to discuss their process of commissioning and distributing VR experiences for social impact and fundraising.
Boston, MA
Mar 29 - Apr 3

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Meet with leading universities exploring technology, design and innovation to solve humanitarian challenges.

San Franciso, CA
Apr 3 - 12

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Meet with SF's VR experts working at the forefront of technological innovation for using VR for social impact.

Los Angeles, CA
April 12 - 23

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Meet with LA's leading VR studios and directors to research their production methodologies and storytelling practices.

Geneva, Switzerland
Apr 23 - May 1

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Meet with SDG leaders using innovative medias for impact.

Bonn, Germany
May 1 - May 5

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Attend Sustainable Development Goals Festival of Action 2019 Conference 
Berlin, Germany
May 5 - May 12

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Attend Pictoplasma Conference

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